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Alexa voice assistant for TIS smart control

Step-by-step guide to completing the configuration:

1-      You must have a device (like: Echo Dot, Echo Tap …) to use Alexa services. and configure it to connect Wi-Fi by continuing the amazon Alexa instructions.

2-      Open your amazon Alexa setting application or web page (you must have an amazon account), then select Skills section and find "TIS Smart Control" skill, and add to your skills.

3-      Use the following sentence, to ask Alexa for open "TIS Smart Control" skill and get you a  registration code  :  "Alexa Ask T.I.S. for registration code"

4-      Now , You must register your given code to TIS portal at below address:


• Note that you must create an account at the TIS portal by your email

5-      Go to the setting page of TIS portal and save your registration code in Alexa Settings table (at the bottom of the page)

6-      Then complete the settings by registering your hardware information in the respective tables:

   Enter your IP-COM-PORT information into the first table, and choose a correct server address and set server port to 6000, then click the "Save Change" button.

   Enter other devices information into the second table (Smart Devices table), and do for each device: selecting a device name (like: light, RGB, television …) and Area (if need: room, saloon … else let it be null), then click the "Save Change" button.

7-      Now the configuration is complete, you can say "Alexa, T.I.S" to be ready for home automation, Alexa respond "yes", then just directly Tell what you want, like the following command examples

Lighting control:

Dim Spot-Lights to 50%.

Turn Off kitchen lights.


Color Control:

Set Living room R.G.B. color to Blue.

Change Living room Background color to dark red.



Good morning.

Party scene.


Air condition:

Set master spilet Temperature to 24.

Turn off Robin AC.


TV, DVD etc:

Turn On Living room TV.

The TV Volume raise.



Set security to Away with Password **** (e.g.: 1234)

Disarm security with Password **** (e.g.: 1234)



Garden Player, play a music.

Next song of music player.



Open master curtains.

Close the saloon curtain.


You can find more information about that, on user's manual ( download PDF file : http://alexaconfiguration.tissmarthome.com/node/alexa users manual.pdf )